Indiana Phoenix

Street: 200 Dekko Drive
Postcode: 46710
City: Avilla
Federal State: Indiana
Contact Person: Richard "Rick" Proulx
Phone: 260-226-2888

About Phoenix Mixer

Indiana Phoenix is a front discharge concrete mixer specialist. Our goal is to help you pour more profits with a machine that is inspired by your business needs and designed to be a dependable workhorse for you.

We work with you to ensure you have the exact axle configuration, features and performance that fits your everyday requirements. In other words, you determine what you want your Phoenix mixer to be, and we take it from there.

Quality At Work

Phoenix designs offer real versatility by ensuring you get the axle configuration and chassis layout to meet your needs for maximum legal payload in your area.

Whether it's a 3 axle or a 7 axle, choose from the many options and create your own custom Phoenix mixer.

Combine this dedication with names like Cummins®, Caterpillar®, Allison Transmissions®, Meritor Axles®, Hendrickson® and other top suppliers and the result is obvious.

Research & Development

Every day we work to make Phoenix mixers better. Sure, we take pride in what we've accomplished in designing and building high quality, high performance front discharge concrete mixers. Even so, we strive for improvement in every detail.

Why work so hard to improve when you have faith in your product already? One reason: you expect and need it for your business today and the future.

It can only be a Phoenix. Your Phoenix.


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