Polarmatic North America Ltd.

Street: 16 North Broad Bay Road
Postcode: 03836
City: Freedom
Federal State: NH
Contact Person: Kurt Damery
Phone: 603-315-7598

Polarmatic Oy is a world leading developer and supplier of innovative heating, curing, cooling, control and information management solutions specifically developed for the concrete industry.. 

  • Polarmatic Aggregate Heating Systems for cold weather concrete production
  • Pemat Pan & Planetary Mixers with patented “whirler” mixing action
  • BHS Twin Shaft Mixers & Portable RCC Concrete Mixers
  • DPS Dry-Mix Mortar Bagging Plants
  • Custom designed Dry & Central Mix Batch Plants
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Cement Silos, Dust Collection Systems, Color Systems
  • Ace-Co Control & Dispatch Systems
  • Sensocrete Concrete Optimizer - Technology for monitoring and adjusting consistency of fresh concrete
Located in: Associate

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